What To Expect On Your First Visit

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Your first visit with Dr. Rosenthal is relaxed and informative. He asks for in-depth information about your current goals and concerns and other factors in your life that may affect your health. He helps you clarify goals that are realistic for your situation.

You are an active partner in this dialog, providing information and asking questions, such as, “what is a workable time frame to reach a particular goal.”

You fill out forms and also take home a questionnaire that provides Dr. Rosenthal a baseline of information to help him decide what support programs are indicated to reach your goals. Dr. Rosenthal conducts a physical examination and may request some basic tests, such as urinalysis, x-rays, salivary analysis, or a blood evaluation.

Simply wear or bring comfortable clothes, such as loose shorts and a T-shirt for your first visit. A gown will be provided should you prefer.

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Although we are not in-network with any insurance carriers we DO file for plans that have out of network benefits coverage.

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